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About us

Born in, nel 1984, constantly renewing itself thanks to the new generations of technicians and computer scientists, we connect the reliability of experience with the innovation of the most modern design methodologies.

One of our senior analysts draws up the project scope document, drafting the technical documentation that the assigned PM will always keep updated.

Through the study and development of the User Experience, carried out by our UX/UI team, we build up a customized Design System and carry out Usability Testing research.

Our team of front-end and back-end developers, creates the software using Unit Testing and Code Review procedures, within an agile production cycle based on the CD/CI.

Our cyber security e privacy team, analyzes each project according to Security and Privacy by Design policies.

The ICT department provides support in the design of server environments and in the choice of the best hosting and cloud provider services.

The technical assistance department offers service SLAs for periodic maintenance or technical support interventions.