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Claris FileMaker® is a software for custom app development and workflow automation. A high reliability tool, easy to use and to manage

Accessibility: easy and intuitive, integrating in existing systems

Flexibility: fitting to any business model

Customization: creation of custom apps, specific to each business strategy

Resolution and process automation:  development of effective and timesaving processes 

A world of solutions...

Software developing tool designed for collecting and analyzing data through creation of custom applications with an intuitive UI

FileMaker Pro mobile version.

Custom application directly in your browser.

Cloud-based platform for analyzing and managing data without logging into a FileMaker Solution or without installing any software.

Server database on-premises, connecting FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect. It allows opening and managing FileMaker Pro files, sharing them with users in Web pages or other supported applications.

Cloud service, proving an access to your custom apps in the cloud using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and FileMaker WebDirect.

And more...

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Claris Connect®

Cloud-based integration service designed for workflow automation which provide a connection between FileMaker custom apps with other products or services (Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce…)

Claris FileMaker recognizes that each business is unique, with its own features and aims to enhance each business uniqueness. It offers an ease at use tool which allows you to boost your business performance. role

As Claris certified partner, promoter and supporter of FileMaker vision, offers its experience and technical expertise for managing, developing and enhancing Claris FileMaker strong points. Thanks to a customer-centric approach, has a professional IT team at your disposal either by phone or remotely, able to guide and to assist you in software management and optimization, suitable for your needs. Claris FileMaker is certainly easy and intuitive, but a support in the first or development or review phase might be required.

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Why choose us?

Licensing assistance

We help you to choose best solution for your business strategy, optimizing invested resources

Review & development

We show you how to improve and integrate an existing Claris FileMaker solution

Customized support

We suggestion you customized support solutions, based on your specific requirements

Direct contact

Our team is available by phone and for remote assistance, ready to provide you quick answer to issues 


Knowledge base sharing for a smooth and functional workflow, aligned with security standards chooses to promote both spread and consciousness use of Claris FileMaker tools, making them a successful key inside any business strategy. Please contact us for more info
*Claris FileMaker is software owned by Claris International Inc. is only a sales intermediary and is not a substitute in any way.